For information about Registration please contact:

OIC srl
Viale G. Matteotti, 7 – 50121 Florence, Italy
Tel. +39 055 50.35.370
Fax + 39 055 57.02.27


Please note that this is the official GISE Congress website for registrations and that no other websites, companies or agencies are authorised to sell the registrations in any way or to contact you directly.

Advance registrations are preferred in order to facilitate the planning of the Congress’s scientific sessions.

Pre-registration will be accepted until 20 September 2021.


Participants may proceed with the on-line reservation system:


Please ask for a group account by contacting OIC to


Registration fees are in Euro (VAT 22% included). Fees will be adjusted according to VAT charge alignment.

Registration Fee PHYSICIANSno later than 20 July 2021from 21 July to 20 September 2021Onsite
GISE members€ 525,00€ 595,00€ 625,00
Non members€ 675,00€ 745,00€ 785,00
Virtual Registration**FreeFreeFree

* Application for the Doctors-in-Training should be certified by a letter from the Training School to be up-loaded in the online platform directly (pdf format is required)

** Virtual Registration fee includes access to GISE virtual platform. No CME Credits will be provided for participants connected remotely.

Registration fees include:

  • Admission to scientific sessions
  • Admission to GISE virtual platform
  • ECM credits – Only for on-site participants
  • Badge and certificate of attendance
  • coffee breaks
  • Box lunches
Registration Fee NURSE & TECHNICIAN no later than 20 July 2021 from 21 July to 20 September 2021 Onsite
GISE members € 465,00 € 535,00 € 585,00
Non members € 565,00 € 635,00 € 685,00
Virtual Registration*** Free Free Free

*** Virtual Registration fee includes access to GISE virtual platform.

Registration fees include:

  • Admission to scientific sessions
  • Admission to GISE virtual platform
  • Badge and certificate of attendance
  • Coffee breaks
  • Box lunches

The registration fee is compulsory in order to attend scientific sessions either as participants and as e-poster, oral, and/or clinical case presenter.

Terms of payment and invoice issuing

Payment by Credit card

The following credit cards are accepted: American Express, VISA, MasterCard

We would like to inform you that as of September 14, 2019, the SCA (STRONG CUSTOMER AUTHENTICATION) came into effect, in accordance with the provisions of the European Directive on payment services (PSD2). As an OIC Group customer, your payments will become even more secure. To get more information about this, please visit our dedicated page available here

Payment by bank transfer is accepted up to the late fee deadline of 20 September 2021

Cash payment in Euros will be accepted on-site in Milano.

Credit cardsThe following credit cards are acceptedAmerican Express, VISA, MasterCard
Bank transferAccount name
Bank name
Bank Address
SWIFT code
OIC srl
Intesa Sanpaolo SpA
Viale Matteotti 20r, 50132 Florence, Italy
IT85 V030 6902 9010 0000 0010 628
ChargesBank transfers must not involve charges for the recipient
Important informationPlease indicate your name and surname and GISE2021 as reference on your payment so that we can identify you for confirmation


Invoices with an address in the European Union should be provided with a VAT Number. The invoicing address and VAT number can only be set up during the registration process. Should you have any special requests for the processing of your invoice, kindly let us know when submitting your application.

  • Any modification on VAT number or billing address, requested after the issuing of the invoice incurs a € 30,00 administration charge.


Le iscrizioni per i dipendenti delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni dovranno essere corredate di ordine di acquisto in forma elettronica da parte degli enti del Servizio sanitario nazionale, ai sensi dell’art.1, comma 414, della legge 27dicembre 2017, n. 205 da inviate a , oppure a mezzo posta certificata oic@pec.oic.itoppure tramite ordine elettronico con i seguenti codici:

Peppol ID – OIC SRL 9906:it03200110488

Per poter ricevere fattura intestata ad un ente pubblico ed emessa con scissione di pagamento oppure in esenzione IVA ai sensi dell’art. 10 del DPR 633/72 come modificato dall’art. 14, comma 10 della legge 24 dicembre 1993 n. 537, dovrà essere inviato ORDINE DI ACQUISTO, come sopra indicato, contenente tutti i dati fiscali dell’Ente, oltre al codice univoco PA in cui si specifichi che il dipendente (indicare nome e cognome) per cui viene richiesta l’iscrizione è autorizzato a frequentare l’evento per aggiornamento professionale; oltre ad ogni altra eventuale informazione che l’Ente stesso ritenga necessaria ed opportuna per facilitare l’identificazione del pagamento del servizio come da norma della fatturazione elettronica.

IN MANCANZA DELLA DOCUMENTAZIONE RICHIESTA E SOPRA DESCRITTA NON POTRANNO ESSERE EMESSE FATTURE INTESTATE AD ENTI PUBBLICI; in questo caso il pagamento dovrà essere inclusivo di IVA e la fattura verrà intestata al partecipante. Non verranno accettate richieste di modifica delle fatture già emesse o di rimborso dell’IVA versata dopo il termine del congresso.


In case of cancellation, please write to the Organizing Secretariat:

  • For cancellation received before 20 September 2021 you will receive as a refund a of 30% of what previously paid as a penalty
  • For cancellation received after 21 September, 2021 no refund will be possible.
  • Name changes incur a handling fee of € 39,00 per registration.
  •  Should a delegate not attend the conference, for whatever reasons, no further claims for reimbursement can be made. No refunds shall be offered, where a service is deemed to have begun and is, for all intents and purposes, underway.
  • All delegates are urged to take personal travel insurance.
Liability disclaimer

In the event of serious special or unforeseen circumstances or serious circumstances beyond its control, OIC shall be entitled to cancel or modify the dates of the event. You shall not be entitled to compensation for any costs or damages incurred as a consequence of such a cancellation or change.
All delegates are urged to take personal travel insurance.
OIC will not be liable for any theft or damage to property and/or persons caused on-site during the Congress, by any factor whatever, unless there has been a fault, intent, or deliberate recklessness on the part of OIC.
OIC shall not be held responsible in the event of poisoning or food intoxication during the Event.